Travis Barnette

Full Stack Software Engineer

Hi! My Name is Travis Barnette, a full stack software engineer based in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. I am passionate about building software that helps people and businesses. Currently working at AutoCorner LLC as a full stack software engineer. Also, I am a YouTuber (technically) where I post videos of my projects as I complete them.

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Recent Projects

Shortly URL Shortening API

Live web app that lets users shorten links and maintain previously shortened link in their own accounts. Uses firebase technologies

GitHub User Search

This is a full stack app built with next js, tailwindcss, typescript, and prisma that connects to the github user api and allows users to build a list of github users to follow!

In-browser markdown editor

This is a full stack in-browser markdown editor made with react and node js. The app allows users to edit markdown and in real time see that markdown rendered to a readable view.


  1. AutoCorner
    Full Stack Software Engineer
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